Comparison of coatings

       You should take a look at the pictures of a few basic sports floor coverings and consider whether is it worth to install one of them.

Rubber coating:

gumine sportine danga  


Artificial turf coating:

sintetine zole   dirbtine veja



      The main reasons of visible results are: poor quality coatings and unstable and volatile climate conditions in Europe. Different climate conditions, temperature fluctuations has a strong impact to sports flooring. The flooring loses its color and modifies its properties, as the coatings are produced without special additives to protect against environmental conditions. In addition, the outdoor sports flooring durability is heavily affected by frequent rains in Europe. Most of the floorings, even though the surface seems dry, have a common negative aspect - to hold moisture in the deeper layers. Therefore most of the times flooring stays wet, even three days after the rain. Therefore, the best choice under such climatic conditions is a flooring through which water drains through and leaves the surface dry. Such features have coverings which are made from polypropylene, the so-called plastic sports floorings.

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